::  :: 00.12.2006 :: MEXICO CITY :: shlédnuto 31x [klik na další fotku]

:: :: 00.12.2006 :: MEXICO CITY :: shlédnuto 31x

Komentáře :: Exceeding 17 million residents at the end of thetwentieth century-20 million including its suburbs-MexicoCity is the fourth largest of the world's megacities andsymbolizes the new gigantism that marks many cities in developing countries. The problems these cities face are on a scalecomparable to their enormity: housing, access to water, transport,waste treatment, and pollution. The insufficiency of masstransport and the growing use of the automobile are sources ofconsiderable air pollution and serious health problems. Subject toalmost permanent smog, Mexico City is one of the world'smost polluted cities, along with Chongqing in China, Bangkok in Thailand, Santiago in Chile, and a few others. http://www.yannarthusbertrand.com

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