::  :: 00.12.2006 :: REFUSE DUMP IN D.F. :: shlédnuto 37x [klik na další fotku]

:: :: 00.12.2006 :: REFUSE DUMP IN D.F. :: shlédnuto 37x

Komentáře :: Household refuse is piling up on all continents and poses a critical problem for major urban centers, like the problem of air pollution resulting from vehicular traffic and industrial pollutants. With some 21 million residents, Mexico City produces nearly 20,000 tons of household refuse a day. As in many countries, half of this debris is sent to open dumps. The volume of refuse is increasing on our planet along with population growth and, in particular, economic growth. Thus, an American produces more than a resident of a developing country and twice as much as a Mexican. The volume of debris per capita in industrialized nations has tripled in the past twenty years. Recycling, reuse, and reduction of packaging materials are potential solutions to the pollution problems caused by dumping and incineration, which still account for 41 percent and 44 percent, respectively, of the annual volume of household garbage in France. http://www.yannarthusbertrand.com

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