May 4, 2006
Change in my e-mail address. Because of everyday spam increased over the number 60, I had canceled the old email address and replaced it by new one: . Please make appropriate change in your address books. Thanks!

May 13, 2005
Mozilla Forefox - Take The Web Back!Mozilla Firefox - Take The Web Back! Dear friends of Internet, I think it is important to promote the web browser everyone should use. Unfortunatelly for many of you is Internet synonymum for blue E icon of Microsoft Internet Exploder (IE). Microsoft, from its monopol positions, pursue users to use a software, which does not apply Internet standards, furthermore uses technologies (ActiveX) threatens your PC by virus and spyware attacs. Get rid of IE and install the Mozilla Firefox. Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser. Customize your toolbars install new Extensions that add new features, browse with style. Be clever - use Firefox!

April 28, 2005
Aprils digestBecause the next month has left and we do not want tired visitors - there are the news :-). I found nice report in my archive - Poetry without borders - from Olomouc 2004. I made some pictures at the SLAM POETRY contest. You can look at April's digest. Plus some photos of the animails we have at home.

March 13, 2004
Portraits CZ Flektogon 50/2,8Portraits CZ Flektogon 50/2,8. I bought a reduction for the very old lens Carl Zeiss Flektogon 50/2,8 which had my father on Praktica camera. Standard lens are standard lens, no shitting zooms. Yesterday we had been downtown, so I shoot some pictures

February 10, 2005
Petice Zrume komunisty This petition is against communists, they are wide spreading our country - beware of them!

January 18, 2005
!We welcome visitor number 10 000 of hejtmanek.NET web from March 22, 2004! I am happy you are crawling my web. Thankx a lot, looks like these pages make a bit of sense!
January 16, 2005
Redbull Crashed IceWinter is back! Because I missed the train, I had to stay in Prague during weekend. So I went to see this crazy event - Redbull Crashed Ice, ice skating in the streets of Prague.

November 8, 2005
Spring is here! While I was walking back home from the office I asked myself "What is wrong?" - the temperature is hot! I look forward to go skiing for the whole year, and now this happens, where is the WINTER? Well, no complains compared to the tsunami waves in India.... better be hot than dead :-(
December 24, 2004
PF2005 - klik na full size pniMerry Christmas and be happy New Year, to all people of goooood will!

December 19, 2004
RisoulPrevious week I packed my ski, boots and camera and left for a trip to France - Risoul in the Southern Alps. Fair price - well, no ice! ...only dumb czech goes where is no snow.

November 18, 2004
17. listopadYesterday it was 15 years after "the velvet revolution", begining of the democracy in our country, when communists were fired. Unfortunatelly their power rises - but we are not like them - will not prison anybody for his opinion. I was participating the memorial procession thru Prague. You can join as well by looking at the fotoreport.

November 16, 2004
After one year I decided to resurrect the english version of my web page - so the news are translated... Hope this will be helpful for somebody :-)
November 6, 2004
I bought the EF 55-200 4,5-5,6 USM telelens (ekv. kinofilm 90-300) for my camera, to shoot the girls from pretty long distance :-) Some test photos taken from my dorm room Modelka 1, Modelka 2, Modelka 3, Danielka, kocarky. Poor quality, but it was dark and thru the window (ISO3200)
October 25, 2004
Fog - to knife it. In this melancholic time I took 300D on tripod into the park and cemetery in Moravsky Beroun - best shots: on the way, the land, depression, Jakub's melancholia, cemetery. It was raining and spitting...
October 17, 2004
Article in Systems Integration - Architectures and SAP Netweaver - an article for my PhD. study.
September 30, 2004
Instead this year's holiday I bought digital SLR Canon EOS 300D. Look at First shots with digital rebel. Pictures are resized, not sharpened and have big compression - cause I do not have a lot of space at the server.
September 25, 2003
I'm postgradual PhD. student of IT on University of Economics! One of my duties is to teach the novice students. Will I be a good teacher? What do you think?
June 11, 2003
I've got the Master's! after the successful defend of my diploma thesis.
June 3, 2003
New pictures from Roosvelt's Tuesday Theatre, The tree park, and Letohrad
April 8, 2003
Remake of the welcome page and complete change of the photgalery - thumbnails added!
March 11, 2003
Pictures from Roosvelt's Tuesday Theatre alias Master's tea evening
Februarz 25, 2003
Photos from last year St. Nicholas at university
February 18, 2003
My new Cirriculum Vitae. I have passed state exams in Infomatics, Development and management of IS. Now I am 80% master. I have to finish diploma (e-biz in Small and Medium Enterprises)
January 2, 2003
Pictures from grammar school reunion.
December 20, 2002
Merry Christmas and happy New year 2003! Do you want to know the truth about Xmass?
November 6, 2002
Listen to this cool HIP-HOP - Peneri Strycka Homeboye (PSH)!
November 5, 2002
New photos - SOMADO, college and IBM.
October 1, 2002
Are you looking for something? Search toolbox added!
September 17, 2002
Photos - IBM SME Outreach proje
August 17, 2002
Resource Base - IBM SME Outreach project for Tesla a.s. com
July 9, 2002
New Chat! - on-line chatting on my page!?
July 1, 2002
Save internet radios!
May 1, 2002
Join my discussion forum!
October 1, 2001
Photos from Jason and Robin's Trip in Prague!
September 19, 2001
Back at school :((
August 27, 2001
You can see me live in a video!
August 24, 2001
New photos again!
June 18, 2001
New colors in my page! Do you like it?
May 23, 2001
A few new photos from Prague.
March 25, 2001
New statistics of accesses - powered by PHP & MySQL back to school
Februry 13, 2001
I'm back to school
January 24, 2001
Celebration day - I've got the Bachelor title in Applied Informatics!
Now I study Information Technoligies as the major
December 28, 2000
25 new photos from a gala-rag action in the case of decoration by the Bachelor titles :))
December 20, 2000
Merry Xmas and happy New Year 2001!
I passed the last bachelor exam in English. I'm ready for the Master title!
December 18, 2000
Some new photos from Prague
November 27, 2000
I'm learning PHP. Look left at the greeting :-))
October 3, 2000
I got new URLs: http://hejtmanek.net or http://ekubis.net
August 10, 2000
Ready for more action? Load of pictures from Kalba Ucto continues.
May 5, 2000
Do not you know how to get high? see photos from Kalba Ucto!.
March 14, 2000
Photos from Austrian ski trip.
March 7, 2000
Fortunatelly I celebrated my 21th birthday :)) after I had broken my head in Austria.
December 8, 1999
I added some new photos made in Prague. Look at Photos from VSE
November 17, 1999
10th anniversary of the Velvet Revolutioon 1989.
November 13, 1999
Since this day you can search for anything in my whole site!
November 8, 1999
I have got the mobile phone at last. Send me the SMS
October 25, 1999
And remember: "Big brother's watching you!" Let's see who you are
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