Short info about Bc. Kubis 

Me 1996

NAME: Jakub Hejtmanek

HEIGHT: 6'4" (184 cm)

WEIGHT: 172 lb (78 kg)

BIRTH DATE: 3/3/xx

BIRTHPLACE: Moravia, Czech Republic

AMBITIONS: To be happy, healthy and successful in every aspect of my life. And some day to satisfy at least one of my dreams. And ... of course, to make big money!

TURN-ONS: Shy smile, ingenuous and unstudied demeanour, confidence, intelligence, sense of humor, the red light of sunset, night sky, deep blue ocean & eyes, blond hair.

TURNOFFS: Prejudice, envy, hypocrisy and disrespect, rude girls, people lacking ambitions, pop culture, commercial shits, sorting people into the "boxes" and cigarette smoke.

PASSIONS: Downhill skiing, fast drive, roller-blades, ice-hockey, BMW, wild nature, mountains. I love getting to know a girl and discovering all the nuances that make her coy.

WHAT DRIVES ME INSANE: The breakpoint of two inches between my and her lips, covered under the burning shadow of the moon.

YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH: Smile, love, peace, life and freedom.

I WISH I HAD: There is no room for it !

FAVORITE DRINKS: Absinth, Tequilla, Fernet Stock, Margaritta, Martini with Lemon & Ice, BMW, Gambrinus and sometimes either spring water.

FAVORITE MEALS: Knedlo-zelo-vepro, pecena kacenka s knedlikem a se zelim, steaks, smoked salmon, some birds and so on.

FAVORITE ACTRESS: Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman.

FAVORITE BANDS: Led Zeppelin, Mettalica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, GNR, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Mnaga & Zdorp, Faith No More, Nirvana , Karel Kryl and The Doors, simply the classic music.

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Karel Capek, Jaroslav Hasek, Woody Allen, Sverak & Smoljak, E.A.Poe, myself and a chance.

WHAT SHAKES ME UP: Dictatorship, violations of the human rights and suppressing of the outlooks.

A GREAT DAY ALWAYS STARTS WITH: Waking up in the noon and a kiss from someone special.

HOW TO WIN MY HEART: Be honest. Be easygoing. Be nice. Take my hand. And do not, do not leave me in the cold November rain.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Belive in yourself !

MY PHILOSOPHY: Keep smiling and be lucky for a little, even everything seems to harm you. And in the end it will work out for the best (I still do belive).

Warning - do not take this bullshits seriously :))
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