August 4, 2005
Do you agree with the brute police intervention on Czechtek 2005?
 Yes - the punks deserved it, cause make mess, have dreadloks, dogs and dope — No - bolshevic police yank like under totality 

January 16, 2004
Do you recycle?
 Sure, saving the nature — No, I'm selfish not concernig about it 

July 26, 2004
Do you eat meat?
 Sure, no problem — No, I don't like it 

March 3, 2004
Would you like a joint?
 Yep, gimme some :) — Never, STOP marihuana! 

March 26, 2003
Would you prison Mr. Zelezny?
 Into the jail baby! — No, he is an innocent man 

November 5, 2002
Are you fed up with politicians?
 Of course, they are toads! — I trust them 

October 19, 2002
Do you like my site?
 Yes, wonderful! — Disgusting Sir 

May 1, 2002
Do you agree to Czech Rep. enters EU?
 Yes — No 
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